I Worked With An Equine Photographer...

Working with an equine photographer is such an experience! Photographers are a wonderful thing in today’s day and age, but one with the knowledge and understanding of horses is even better.

For the first time I worked with a professional equine photographer and had a wonderful experience!


Let me break it down for you. I first contacted my friend on the East Coast named Amy Johanson(you may of heard her name before, she works for The Book). My reasoning behind contacting Amy was that I knew she had contacts in my area and I trusted her recommendations. Why was I looking for a photographer? That’s a great question! For ages I have wanted to start this blog and one day I decided I was just going to go after it. Why not right!? So I knew if I wanted to be successful I would need a photographer who I could work closely with and who understood what I needed!

That is what led me to Aubrey from Copper Arrow Photography. Amy highly recommended her and put me into contact with her. From there we chatted about what I wanted, packages, pricing, etc. Now I won’t share pricing with you, but I will share one thing. If you want outstanding photos you may need to invest a little bit into them!


Now time to get to the fun session! I was super excited to shoot! I love being in front of the camera, it’s so much fun to me. Aubrey was super sweet and easy to work with! She even brought her husband along for help and they made my experience amazing! They made sure my horses were focused on them and understood that sometimes baby horses just don’t want to stand still! The black backgrounds with Boots were so much fun, he was so well behaved and attentive!

I loved the outcome of my photos. They are absolutely stunning and the quality is superb! I highly recommend an equine photographer if you are looking to get pictures with your four legged kiddos! If you are in the Wisconsin area I highly (can not express this enough) working with Copper Arrow Photography!

Until next time,