Student Promgrams

Let’s face it being a college student is rough. Cost of tuition is high and not everyone has a high paying job. Then to top it off some of us have horses...a bittersweet thing when the bill start stacking up! Wouldn’t saving a few extra pennies here and there help make a small difference!? You bet! Today I am sharing with you some awesome student discounts and programs that’ll help save you some extra cash!

Amazon Prime has a fantastic student discount! Prime is only $50 a year and a 6 month free trial. Yes, you read that right..6 months!!! How great is that!? That means that book you need or that water bottle you want can ship free to you in two days! Perfect!


Spotify also has a generous student discount. You can get Spotify for $4.99 PLUS Hulu for free. I am team Hulu so you can bet I am currently signed up for this program. It definitely saves me a few extra bucks a month with a student discount on music and roughly $12 a month by not having to pay for Hulu!


Apple also has another good deal for college students. You can subscribe to Apple Music for $4.99. Giving you access to as many songs as your heart desires! The regular subscription price is $9.99.


Another great college student perk is the app called UNiDAYS it gives you discounts to hundreds of stores from 10% and up! It’s amazing for when you need back to school clothes or a new back pack! I’m always using that app when I need something new!


Also be sure to check your local business and also museums. Many of them will give student discounts if you show your school ID! Why not go on a new adventure if you can get a discount!

Be sure to check out all these amazing student discounts and subscribe to save some extra cash! Hope this helps!

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New Brand Alert - Herd Of Zebras

New Brand Alert!!!

Ok guys, a new brand has popped up on the radar and caught my eye! I am so pumped to see a Wisconsin based company popping up in the eye of the equestrian world. I am sure many of you have seen this brand circulating the internet with their amazing products, That brand would be Herd Of Zebras. 

Herd Of Zebras is a unique brand based on empowerment. They have created unique and stylish products to fit their brand! I am totally digging their apparel! I personally own their crew neck. It is super cute, comfortable, and warm for the chilly weather! They have everything from short sleeves to sherpas(on my wishlist!!!).

botorihoz (1).JPG

Besides apparel they have accessories and gear for your four legged friends! They current carry saddle pads and bonnets for your horse(another two things on my wishlist!). As far as accessories go they currently are carrying everything from mugs to hats! I personally own their tote bag and absolutely adore it! 

I love supporting brands in the horse world that are striving to be unique and make a difference. I hope everyone else will jump on this wagon and #showyourstripes. 

Don’t forget you can get 15%off everything with the code WINTERWONDER until 12/31!

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