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FabFitFun - Review

Hey all!  

Recently I have been seeing these ads come across my Facebook daily about this FabFitFun subscription box. I’m always quick to spoil my horses, but not myself.   After awhile I decided it was time to treat myself and I ordered the springs editor box! 


I am super impressed with my box! For $49.99 this box is well worth it’s value! FabFitFun comes with 8 full size products. You have the option to customize a set amount of items or let them surprise you!!

Below were the options for the spring box.

Option 1: DIFF Cruz Sunglasses or Private Party “Beach Please” Beach Towel or Yumi Kim Hanging Train Case. I chose the DIFF Cruz Sunglasses because I spend a lot of time outside and don’t like the sun in my eyes!

Option 2: EleVen by Venus Venus Williams Foldable Gym Bag or Ettika Opal Rose Necklace or ISH #IMSMOKINGHOT Palette. I went with the Ettika Opal Rose Necklace because I absolutely love elegant necklaces! How cute!


Option 3:dpHUE ACV Hair Masque or Murad® Renewing Eye Cream. I spent a lot of time in the sun so I went with the Murad Renewing Eye Cream.


Option 4: tarte™ lights, camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara or tarte™ Rainforest of the Sea™ drink of H2O hydrating boost. Since I already have the tarte mascara in full size and sample size I chose the H2O hydrating boost. Nothing better than a good lotion!

Option 5: AHAVA Dermud Intensive Foot Cream or this works® deep sleep™ pillow spray. The pillow spray was an obvious pick for me. I struggle to fall and stay asleep some nights, so I’m hoping this will help me!


 *Please note if you are not a select member you will only get to customize 3 items, but that’s just as awesome! Surprises are fun too!*

There are also 3 items in every box that everyone gets and are not customizable. In this box it was the Summer & Rose Celine Trinket Dish, Lavido Aromatic Body Lotion in Mandarin, Orange & Bergamot, and WAY OF WILL Strengthening Nail & Cuticle Serum. Three awesome items I can’t wait to use!

Can you dig this box? I know I sure can! As of May 1st the summer box is ready for purchase! Thinking of buying your own? Head over to FabFitFun using the link below(and in my bio) and treat yourself!!

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Purchase Link:

Box 4 Equestrian - A New Creative Box


Alright guys another new box geared toward equestrians has hit the market! So I wanted to chat about it with you all. This box isn’t your typical box. It is NOT a subscription box. Meaning it is a one time buy. There a no subscriptions and it gives you the ability to order more than one! It is also NOT seasonal. Meaning the boxes are available all year round.


While they will have items to coordinate with the current seasons they will not carry seasonal boxes. B4E also allows you to pick the items in your box. Meaning you get to pick a box where the items suit your needs. Want a box all for you? Great! Want one all for your horse(s)!? Even better! You will have the choice of picking between 2-8 items that will come in your box. The price of you box will be based on the amount of items you pick and what items you pick. Don’t worry, all items are well below retail value!  Please note that this concept takes effect shortly. It is currently in the works.


Right now B4E has a curated box with items in it ready for purchase. This box will be availabe until the new concept starts. I personally love this box as it did come with some amazing items! The box came with Oh + August cleanser or moisturizer. Who can resist good skin care products? Not me!


The next item in the box is a super cute pair of Dreamers N Schemers socks! I am a huge fan of Dreamers N Schemers and have way too many of their socks, but the more the merrier! Although I got the unicorn socks styles vary!


Next up is the Hart Outfitters braided belt and headbands. I LOVE these braided belts. They are stretchy and fit fantastic to any body as they greatly adjustable. No more hole punching lol! The headbands are perfect for a lazy day or a trip to the gym!


The Heavenly Hoof Treats are just so adorable. Are you sure we can’t eat them? ;) My horses will be fighting over who gets to eat them!


I am stoked for the Equestrian Wellness helmet spray. It is made with essential oils and smells absolutely amazing. It is sure to leave your helmet smelling fresh and clean.


Every box also comes with a few stickers to add to your sticker collection! I personally love to stick mine on my water bottles.


If you’re interested in getting the curated box click here to purchase! Make sure to use the code JORDAN10 for any purchases from B4E!

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Circuit Style Review

I’m sure y’all noticed, but I’m on this crew neck craze! There’s something so easy about crew necks. Not to mention they’re warm and cozy for the winter months!

I’m loving the Circuit Style crew necks! For $35.00 that’s a steal! I currently own two. One being themed around the breed Hanoverians and one for OTTBS. Did I mention you can customize them to the breed of your horse, whether they’re bred in the USA, or imported? How COOL is that!?

circut style6.JPG

They’re also super easy to style! I’m wearing my Smartpak Piper Knee Patch breeches in Cinnamon with them. I also love wearing them with leggings and Uggs or a pair of jeans! They’re perfect for everyday wear on the street or in the saddle!

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EIS Shirts

Sunshirts are beneficial to every equestrians wardrobe. Not only for style, but also for your skin. In now day and age there are SO many brands to choose from. I am just here to share on of my favorites to let you decide whether this is one you want in your closet!

One of my all time favorites is Equi In Style AKA EIS. I love the color options and the variety they have! I personally am a fan fave of the side paneling shirts. I think they look classy yet a bit on the bolder side. Totally my side. Edgy with some class is never a bad thing! These shirts are UPF 50+ protection which means you don’t need to worry about that hot sun in the summer. If you’re like me and burn after a short amount of time in the sun you might want to consider one of these! Even if summer is a ways away you mine as well be prepared..right!?! To top it off these shirts have a flattering fit and tuck in perfect with breeches and a belt!


Well now that we have summer covered what about winter…might be an important topic to cover as its currently chilly out there! Don’t worry EIS has you covered! They also make winter shirts….SCORE! I really really love my winter shirt with its side paneling and thumb holes! It keeps me extra cozy when riding! It also has a flattering fit and stylish feel to it. Definitely a must have in winter.


Now that you’ve seen my reasons as to why I am loving these shirts its up tp you to decide whether you’d like to add them to your closet!

Until Next Time,


Christmas Jumpsuit

Christmas is here! I am just so excited! I love the time with family sharing good food and laughs. I also LOVE that I have an excuse to dress up and look adorable! This year while browsing for an outfit online I decided I wanted to try a jumpsuit. While I recently been admiring them I still had not tried one. I saw this cute plain jumpsuit on sale for $25 on Charlotte Russe’s website. Since it was so cute and on sale I could not resist.

I love that you can dress this up with some jewelry and heels or wear it casually to dinner. I decided to pair mine my white long sleeve and black booties! The black Steve Madden clutch ties this outfit perfect together!

So..why the jumpsuit? Well I think its classy and elegant, yet not overly dressed up! I also love that I do not need to pick out pants with, but with less effort. Who can say no to that? I love the way the jumpsuit looks on me and how comfortable it is. I was totally missing out by not trying them sooner!

Will you be next?

Until next time,


New Brand Alert - Herd Of Zebras

New Brand Alert!!!

Ok guys, a new brand has popped up on the radar and caught my eye! I am so pumped to see a Wisconsin based company popping up in the eye of the equestrian world. I am sure many of you have seen this brand circulating the internet with their amazing products, That brand would be Herd Of Zebras. 

Herd Of Zebras is a unique brand based on empowerment. They have created unique and stylish products to fit their brand! I am totally digging their apparel! I personally own their crew neck. It is super cute, comfortable, and warm for the chilly weather! They have everything from short sleeves to sherpas(on my wishlist!!!).

botorihoz (1).JPG

Besides apparel they have accessories and gear for your four legged friends! They current carry saddle pads and bonnets for your horse(another two things on my wishlist!). As far as accessories go they currently are carrying everything from mugs to hats! I personally own their tote bag and absolutely adore it! 

I love supporting brands in the horse world that are striving to be unique and make a difference. I hope everyone else will jump on this wagon and #showyourstripes. 

Don’t forget you can get 15%off everything with the code WINTERWONDER until 12/31!

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I Worked With An Equine Photographer...

Working with an equine photographer is such an experience! Photographers are a wonderful thing in today’s day and age, but one with the knowledge and understanding of horses is even better.

For the first time I worked with a professional equine photographer and had a wonderful experience!


Let me break it down for you. I first contacted my friend on the East Coast named Amy Johanson(you may of heard her name before, she works for The Book). My reasoning behind contacting Amy was that I knew she had contacts in my area and I trusted her recommendations. Why was I looking for a photographer? That’s a great question! For ages I have wanted to start this blog and one day I decided I was just going to go after it. Why not right!? So I knew if I wanted to be successful I would need a photographer who I could work closely with and who understood what I needed!

That is what led me to Aubrey from Copper Arrow Photography. Amy highly recommended her and put me into contact with her. From there we chatted about what I wanted, packages, pricing, etc. Now I won’t share pricing with you, but I will share one thing. If you want outstanding photos you may need to invest a little bit into them!


Now time to get to the fun session! I was super excited to shoot! I love being in front of the camera, it’s so much fun to me. Aubrey was super sweet and easy to work with! She even brought her husband along for help and they made my experience amazing! They made sure my horses were focused on them and understood that sometimes baby horses just don’t want to stand still! The black backgrounds with Boots were so much fun, he was so well behaved and attentive!

I loved the outcome of my photos. They are absolutely stunning and the quality is superb! I highly recommend an equine photographer if you are looking to get pictures with your four legged kiddos! If you are in the Wisconsin area I highly (can not express this enough) working with Copper Arrow Photography!

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The Tight Guide

Tight Guide

Bouncing off of my “I Tried Riding Leggings Blog” I am here to share with you my FAVORITE riding leggings.I do not have a particular favorite so let me share with you some of my favorite brands so far!

Tribe Equestrian has absolutely wonderful leggings, for such a great price.  These leggings retail for $79 AUD (about $56 USD). The leggings are comfortable and I love that they have a pocket. It works perfect so I can stick my phone in my pocket and ride with it. These leggings are true to size and come in olive and black. 

IMG_1358 2.JPG

Stable wear has amazing  leggings. They come in a full seat silicone grip or a knee patch grip. Perfect for sticking to those bouncy horses! They have a broad variety of colors, black, tan, blue, grey, purple and burgundy! The leggings are fairly inexpensive priced at $50 for the knee patch tights and $60 for the full seat tights. Again not to expensive and will not break the bank!


Last but not least, is the Rose And Lace Equestrian leggings! I am hands down in love with these leggings! They are so versatile! I wore them to the gym and to ride. They work great both in and out of the saddle. They have a few different design options and color options! My favorite are the black lace and olive leggings with the mesh panels on the side of the leg. These leggings retail for $50. Yet another pair that won’t break the bank!


I hope everyone can enjoy these leggings as much as I do!

Until next time,


Horses and Day Drinking!?!?

What is almost as good or just as good as “horses and day drinking”? You guessed it.. a shirt that says it! There is nothing better than rocking a versatile thing that says two of your favorite things. Gray & Co Designshas you covered. The shirt retails for around $25, which is a phenomenal price if you ask me.  Perfect enough that it won’t break the bank to splurge and spoil yourself a little.

Styling this shirt is easy. The shirt comes in hunter green and burgundy. I personally have the hunter green shirt. It can easily pair with pair breeches , jeans, or leggings. I styled mine with some ripped dark wash jeans, a jean jacket, and a pair of black Guess sneakers. Easy to wear out to hangout with friends or headed to class. It is still classy enough to wear in the saddle. I personally like to pair mine with a few different colors. I think it fits best with gray, navy, black, tan, and rust! Rust gives it the unique pop! Tan is more subtle if you prefer to be less out of the box. Regardless of where you wear this shirt, its about HOW you rock  it.          Just to add another fun little twist on things, you can now use the code word: CADENCE at checkout for a discount off Gray & Co Designs. So make sure you head on over and check out this stellar tee!     Until next time,  J

Styling this shirt is easy. The shirt comes in hunter green and burgundy. I personally have the hunter green shirt. It can easily pair with pair breeches , jeans, or leggings. I styled mine with some ripped dark wash jeans, a jean jacket, and a pair of black Guess sneakers. Easy to wear out to hangout with friends or headed to class. It is still classy enough to wear in the saddle. I personally like to pair mine with a few different colors. I think it fits best with gray, navy, black, tan, and rust! Rust gives it the unique pop! Tan is more subtle if you prefer to be less out of the box. Regardless of where you wear this shirt, its about HOW you rock


Just to add another fun little twist on things, you can now use the code word: CADENCE at checkout for a discount off Gray & Co Designs. So make sure you head on over and check out this stellar tee!

Until next time,



Cavali Club-Will You Subscribe?


Subscriptions are a huge trend now. You can subscribe to almost anything. From shoes to make up to athletic clothes you name it! Of course this trend has also hit the equestrian world. 

Today I am here to share with you one of my favorites. With all the options for boxes out there it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Do you get one with gear for you, or you well deserving pony? This time I picked BOTH and I am here to give you the low down on the Cavali Club! Let me break this down for you!

Cavali Club is a quarterly subscription box. Meaning four times a year you will be sent a box(that comes out to every three months. You have two payment options. A one year subscription for $199.80(saves $20) or every three months for $54.95. Sounds simple right?

So let’s break down what’s in the winter box...if each box costs around $55 lets see if you’re getting a bang for your buck! 

The first product I chose to unwrap is the Society Wit Nail Polish in Dark Horse(color varies). I don’t know about you, but I love keeping my nails painted and I am happy to accept any new color to add to my collection! Can’t go wrong with cute nails! This product retails for $9. 


The second product is the Sport Horse Essential Coat Spray. I am absolutely in love with Sport Horse Essentials. Their products are made from essential oils and 100% natural. I have been using this on my horses for over a year and it is amazing!! There is nothing better than a shiny pony. You’re in luck because product retails for $16.


The third product is one I am absolutely in love with. The Horse Gloss watch is one to swoon over. The beautiful leather strap and silver trim(also comes in rose gold) makes for a beautiful accessory to add to any outfit. Wear it on date night or girls night out or wear it to the office. I think this one will be packed in my ring bag for horse shows. It’ll tie together any show outfit. The watch retails for $80.


The fourth product is a lovely treat for your four legged friend. They’re so fun to look at, but also very healthy. Made with only five ingredients to ensure your four legged friend isn’t being fed added preservatives. These retail for $10


The fifth product and by far one of my favorites is the beanie by Botori. The beanie is adorable and topped with a fuzzy Pom Pom. Perfect for styling in and out of breeches! This hat retails for $22 


The sixth product (did I say six? YES SIX!) is Hunt Seat Paper CO Thank You Cards. There’s nothing better than writing your trainer or equestrian friend a thank you card with a horse on it!? What could be better! These super cute cards are sure to make your thank you’s the cutest in the thank you’s in the barn. Their retail price is $10.


Last, but not least is the candle by Grey Horse Candle Co. There is nothing better than a warm relaxing bath with some candles after a long cold day at the barn. I look forward to using this candle this winter. The retail price for the candle is $17.50.


Alright there you have a breakdown of what was all included in the winter box. Now to answer the question. Is it worth it? YES! You are paying only $55 for a box worth over $150! That’s phenomenal!! Besides getting a bang for your buck, you are getting some stellar products that you will be able to use and enjoy. I must add you can add some customizations and add ons to your box as well! Will you be subscribing to Cavali Club? I know I will be!

Until next time,