Dire Indulgence - Fall Finals Recap

Fall Finals 2019 was one to remember. To say I am proud of my horse is an understatement. If you’ve been following you know I have had Cadence since she was a foal. Each show I swear she grows up a little bit more each time. Every show we go home with stuff we need to work on. This weekend I felt some of those important pieces come together.


Friday I was worried my horse was going to come out a fresh dragon - but instead she was unimpressed. So I made extra sure by throwing her on the lounge line for a little bit. Going into the show ring wasn't that nerve racking. I’ve learning to kind of forget about the nerves and to be excited. Each round we get is a chance for a great learning experience. We moved Cadence up to the child adult this weekend which was a great decision. She was still unimpressed with the height of the fences. The first two classes went well earning us a 3rd and a 4th. However I overpackaged when I should of let go. The last few shows Cadence was so excited she wasn’t fully paying attention to me in between fences, but Friday she came with her game face ready to play. I forgot where I was going and made a very last minuet turn into a 4 stride that was a bending line in and of course my horse saved me and got me in and got me out. Not bad for a 4 year old.


Saturday was excellent. Cadence came out with her game face and ready to go. I let go and we had a blast earning a 2nd and a 4th in the classic - with a cheap rail that was rider error. Overall I was so pleased. When I let go and enjoy the ride Cadence gets me there. This horse prefers the gappy distance and now that she’s ready to listen and be serious she’s ready to take them. This weekend she didn’t have any baby moments. Friday was me and a lack of trust - Saturday I gave her my trust and she really proved herself. Going back over the videos I love seeing her reaction when she sees the distance. Its amazing how far she’s come and its promising to how far she will go.


I also appreciated the little moments with there. Studying while she tried to take my textbook, trying to nap while she tried to play with my belt, lay her head on me, or eat my hat. Every moment I get to bond and share with her is a great one. I have never been more grateful to own such a wonderful creature. She has really made my husband being gone on a work trip so much easier. I can’t wait for indoors!

Until next time,