Why I love Kavallerie

As equestrians we all know our horses comfort is top priority. If you’re like me you probably have a few different half pads on hand to help maximize your horses comfort. With growing horses it’s great to have a few options as their bodies change. 

Today on the blog I am sharing one of my favorite brands with you. The Kavallerie half pads are amazing. Their gel helps them stay in place and keep your saddle in place. Personally I use mine under my saddle pads, however you can use it over the saddle pad as well. Since it is a gel pad I find it actually helps keep my gear from slipping back during jump schools. 


So why Kavallerie? Well first off their price is unbeatable. For under $100 you can get the perfect half pad that helps absorb impact. You can also get ones with front risers or back risers if needed! Due to growing baby horses I actually have one with front risers and one with rear risers. They’re been nothing but help when it comes to fitting my horses during growth spurts.


The benefits of these half pads are almost too good to be true. They keep the saddle secure, protect against rubs and soreness, allows airflow to help avoid over heating. Not to mention they help absorb impact. If you’re jumping that’s extremely important. They’re also very easy to clean. Do not wash or dry! I take a damp cloth and wipe mine down. If they’re super nasty I use a mild soap to wipe it down with! 


With the price and all these great benefits what’s stopping you from checking out these amazing half pads?

Until next time,