Boots Update!

Boots has been in my life roughly around nine months. Although we did not get off on the best start. After needing to sit for a month to put on some weight he finally got started in November. However that wasn’t a walk in the park. We battled lack of fitness, weak hind end, and much more. Now it is nine months later and Boots has really started to thrive.


It may be hard to tell in pictures, but Boots has grown a few inches and now stands at about 16.3hh Not bad for the “little man”. His personality has really started to show. He is a very happy guy who enjoys running with his buddies and lots of snuggles. He has more of a “old man” personality under saddle. You can point him at anything and he will not bat an eye, if he does happen to get nervous he is easy to soothe with a “ you are ok” and a pat.


Last month I took Boots to his first rated show on the WHJA circuit with me He was wonderful even with being very green. We had a mishap in what was both of mine and his first debry because I chickened and didn’t stick to my plan. #ithappens. Guess that is the fun in being an adult amateur.

At home Boots has been schooling 2’6-3’ and is working towards continuing to move up more. He is such a trier and I am so blessed to have him in my herd to teach and grow with. Although having two babies some days gives me a migraine they are worth their weight in gold.

Until next time,


Photography credit goes to Sarah Ayer Photography