The Infused Equestrian - Equine Addition

Are you conscious about what you put on your body? What about your horses? Does it raise a red flag for you when their fly spray stings your skin or gets in your mouth? Have you ever stopped and looked at some of the ingredient labels on your fly spray or liniment? The ingredients on most bottles of equine products are unpronounceable…and scary sounding. Are the ingredients compliant with USEF/FEI rules? Today, I will be sharing with you some compliant, safe and natural products from The Infused Equestrian.


The Infused Equestrian offers swat. A Fly Spray  - a DEET free, natural formulation that is a summer necessity to help keep our horses comfortable while enjoying the sunshine and grass. Don’t worry – swat. A Fly Spray is safe to use on your skin as well. It’s safe for both horses and humans! “My barn and I love the fly spray from THe Infused Equestrian. We have quite a few bottles circulating!” - Horse Glam.  Launching in a new spray bottle this summer, this awesome smelling recipe contains all natural essential oils like citronella, cinnamon, peppermint, lemon, lemongrass, rosemary, myrtle, eucalyptus, and tea tree curated into a perfect defense! Your trainers might like this too while they are outside training.


Each essential oil naturally repels a different type of bug. Here is a list for your reference:

-       Citronella (mosquitoes, biting flies, no-see-ums and gnats)

-       Cinnamon (ants and wasps)

-       Peppermint (ants and mosquitoes)

-       Lemon (flies)

-       Lemongrass (mosquitoes)

-       Rosemary (flies and mosquitoes)

-       Myrtle (flies and mosquitoes)

-       Eucalyptus (all stinging and biting bugs)

-       Tea Tree (fleas, mosquitoes and biting insects)


Need help making your horse’s mane and tail look their best? Have a show? Shiny. A Mane & Tail Conditioner is a great product to keep in your grooming kit! This toxin free conditioner promotes healthy hair growth too. It’s great for any horse that likes to rub its tail. It is a proprietary blend of coconut oil, melaleuca (tea tree), melaleuca quinquenervia (another tea tree form), rosemary, cedar wood, and clove. Perfect for your show prep routine! You can even use it to shine up the body of the horse to add that little extra flash! I personally love this because Boots has a very thing tail and mane that needs to grow a bit more and this has helped him immensely with growing it out and leaving it looking nice and shiny for the show ring!!



After all that hard schooling work in the hunter/jumper ring or a terrific show flying over the jumps, your horse is most likely feeling a bit sore. Liniment is a great tool to help relieve their sore muscles and joints! Have you ever put liniment on your hands and suddenly feel a burning sensation? Why are we putting that on our horses? Comfort. A Liniment is all-natural with no burning sensations! It’s easy to use and can be applied to wet or dry legs and body. Be sure to add this to your “must have list!” Oh, and did I mention? It smells heavenly.



Last, but not least is their pure. A Bit Wipe Towelette! Our horses’ bits go directly into their mouth. As owners, we should be aware of what is in the horse’s mouth. What about those harsh chemicals in standard bit wipes? Not something I would want in my mouth, would you? Don’t fear! The Infused Equestrian has you covered! Their bit wipes are made with a durable fiber blend towelette and pure essential oils, no harsh chemicals or toxins. Simply wipe your bit down and you have a nice clean bit that isn’t toxic to your horse. They come in Cinnamon or Peppermint flavors.



So, the next time you are at the tack store or rummaging through your stuff, I challenge you to look and read the labels on your products. Think about if that were something you would feel comfortable putting on yourself. If it isn’t, it probably shouldn’t go on our horses either. Happy riding!


Until next time,