Wahl - Creativa Clipper

Clipping season is in full force friends. Whether it be prepping for a show or just a trim we all need a clipper that is reliable and of great quality!

Today I am here to share with you my experience with the new Wahl Creativa clipper. To say I am beyond the moon happy with it is an understatement. This clipper is a wonderful addition to your tack trunk! It’s on my “must have” list.


The Creativa cordless lithium battery operated clipper. Making it easy to bring with you to shows or just have on hand at the barn. It comes with two rechargeable lithium batteries and a charging stand. Each battery provides 75 minutes of run time and only take 50 minutes to recharge.


The Creativa is not only stylish, but also lightweight with a ergonomic design. Making it easy to work with. The stainless steel blade has a fivefold cutting length adjustment from .07mm - 3mm. Making it useful for al lengths! It also includes four guards at different lengths.

With its great shape and size it’s makes it lightweight and easy to maneuver. It is just the right angle to clip those hard to reach such as the leg pits and fetlocks! It makes clipping the bridle path, legs, and face easy and effortless. It’s just the right angle to make the perfect bridle path and get those whiskers on the face right before you show!


To complete the stylish look and feel, it comes in a cute and fashionable carry case. Complete with spaces to keep everything neatly organized and placed during transport. The Creativa retails for $179 which is competitive and affordable!


Don’t forget to be Creativa with your clipping! You will find mine packed away in my show trunk!

Until next time,