The Infused Equestrian - Riders Edition

Raise your hand if you love using essential oils on yourself! If you’re like me then you might be a bit obsessed with oils. They are rising in popularity and knowledge about them  which is wonderful, because they work amazing!

Recently I stumbled up a company called The Infused Equestrian. Which not only has products for your horse, but also for the rider. How amazing is that?

I have had these products going on three weeks and I am here to share with you how incredible they are. I’ve tried them all each for their specific purpose! Let’s dig in on these details.

Waking up in the morning is a struggle for me. I don’t like coffee so I’ll opt for a soda (which is all kinds of bad) to help wake me up. Now that I have the “Hello Monday” rollerball it helps wake me up. I can kiss the morning soda goodbye! Hello Monday contains rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint, nutmeg, juniper, clove, and balsam. It’s application is simple. Roll it on your wrists, behind the ears, and over the neck. Simply inhale the aroma from your wrists for 30-45 seconds to help assist you in feeling less sluggish! This oil is amazing for early mornings or a weekend slump!


Lately I’ve been working out and kicking up my intensity levels during workouts. Resulting in very sore muscles and aches. The “Recovery Oil” has been my go to rollerball after workouts. It has helped ease the tension and soothe aches from my tough workouts. This rollerball contains coconut oil, wintergreen, peppermint, clove, and helichrysum. Simply roll on the areas that are sore and achy to help ease your pains and aches!


Struggle with nerves? Whether it’s before horse shows, public speaking, a big exam, you name it! This rollerball is for you. I’ve used this one to help me focus before rides, studying, and to help me before tests! You’ll find it in my ringside bag at my next show! The In Gate is an amazing oil to help you ground you and give you focus. It contains rosewood, spruce, frankincense and blue tansy.. Application is simple, just roll it on the wrists, back of neck, and under earlobes. This oil you can also inhale by smelling your wrists for 30-45 seconds. Now you’re ready for to school that tough course or enter the show ring.


Ever experience a stomach ache after eating or motion sickness? This oil helped me immensely on my long drive from Wisconsin to Virginia as I tend to get nauseous in the car, especially going through the mountains. O.M.G(Oh My Girth) is made specifically for an upset stomach and nausea. Roll on the oil starting from the bottom of your rib cage to your pelvic bone in a circular motion and breathe. Within 20 minutes you will be starting to feel much better!


These rollerballs for the rider sound great right? They retail for $25 per rollerball. Please note these are for the rider and The Infused Equestrian is currently working on coming up with some for your four legged friend! Until then, make sure you only use these on yourself and don’t be tempted to try it in your horse! They are best used within 6 months. Enjoy!

Until next time,