The Wedding Dress Deets!

Weddings are always an exciting event to attend. From the elegant decorations and the stunning dresses it is such a wonderful experience. For me this wedding is a little different. I actually got married last February to my husband and we just did a small ceremony with immediate family. We just didn’t have the time to plan a wedding with me in school and working full time. We are still on a mission to make this wedding as special as any other. 

We decided to to write our vows for this ceremony with all our friends and family. We are also following a very rustic theme. I have also been blessed to be able to create a one of a kind wedding dress with Sondra Falk Couture. Words cannot describe how excited I am.

Last July we drew up a beautiful design of what I THOUGHT I wanted. This recent trip to Virginia last week  ended up with me figuring out that it wasn’t for me. I was not in love with a fitted look. I tried it on and I just didn’t fall in love. So I spent a lot of time trying on different dresses and fell in love with a beautiful gold full skirt dress. However as much as I want the gold it won’t match my theme. 

We came up with a way to incorporate the gold. For my rehearsal I will have a gold mini dress created with Italian Mylar Lurex Lace on the bodice. That way I can still have some gold incorporated into my dress!


Now for the exciting part…the dress! Like I mentioned above I fell in love with a beautiful full skirt design. The dress will have a beautiful vneck in the front and the back with thick shoulder straps. The full skirt will be a bit on the poofy side with French Beaded Aleeon lace on the lace and abdomen. I will how ever have the dress in an ivory color. 


Now I do have more to share with you guys, but I will let anticipation build and share more when I head down to Virginia next month.

Until next time,