Little Foxes Recap - Boots and Cadence

Another Little Foxes show is in the books. This is defiently my favorite local venue! It was a fantastic run show with wonderful people!

This time I decided to take Cadence and Boots while my half leaser took Cali! Cali was wonderful with her half leaser and I couldn't be prouder.


Cadence started out wild in warm up, bucking and being very forward. Eventually she settled herself and had a lovely jump school. She did get a bit hoppy on the turns, but with some leg and driving her forward she got through it. During the show we started her in the 2’3 divisions and she got her first blue ribbon her first round. She was a bit all over the place, but to be expected with a young green horse. Her second round went a little better, but sadly during the jump off I had a cheap rail placing us in 2nd. She did earn a Reserve Champion in the 2’3 division making me proud. The 2’6 did not go as smoothly. She started getting fussy and being naughty. The first 2’6 she stopped at the first fence, but went over it the 2nd time. The next class she stopped 3 time and started bucking. She threw one so big she literally threw a handstand (thanks Cadence). The classic did not go much better. The first round of the classic went well and she made it through the tough s turns and roll backs. During the jump off she did not listen when I asked her to back off to a jump and ended up tripping over the jump resulting in my reins going to her ears and her running away. I did however get my reins back and finish the jump off although I was scared out of my mind. Theres nothing like losing your reins and control to make you feel scared. Although her rounds weren’t perfect I am proud of her for trying her best. Some days we are going to have baby days regardless of if we are at home or a show and that’s ok. There will always be more shows and more to rides to do.


Boots on the other hand was phenomenal. I could tell he was a bit nervous, but he tried his heart out and kept it together. Little nugget got a 3rd in the equitation (or I guess me). 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the limit division. He did not place in two classes keeping him out of chances for a reserve or champion ribbon, but thats ok. I am just so proud of him for doing his best. Boot did also get a 4th in the Hunter Classic. We do have lots to work on like being straighter down the lines and I need to remember not to ride the corners like a jumper. Those are all things that will come with time and lots of patience and practice. This was my first time in the hunter ring on an actual hunter in a long time. Cadence does not really count lol! Like I said I am so proud of Boots and how far he has come. He really tried his little heart out for me this weekend!


This was my first time bringing my green horses only and although I did have two challenging rides I am glad I got the experience and learned a lot from it. Riding young horses isn’t always rainbows and roses and their bad days don’t reflect on me as a rider What reflect on me as a rider is how I handle it. Do you get mad or just let it roll of your back? Getting mad won’t change the age or their experience. The best thing is to ride it out and continue teaching them. Like my trainer always says “ one you’ll wake up and it will all click”.

Until Next Time,