Wellesley Tall Boot: Worth Every Penny

Tall boots are vital for every equestrian, but in the flooded market of tall boots it can be hard to find the right pair and for a decent price. Every brand says they are the best, right? I have many brands in my tall boot wardrobe from higher price points to lower price points. All that live up to my standard, but yet here I am sharing ones I feel deserve it.


I really like my Wellesley Tall Boot from breeches.com.I bought these boots as a test run. They were only $219 (I also had a 25% off so I got them for about $150). NOT BAD. Thats a screaming deal. One thing on my mind though was “are they going to hold up?”. The answer is yes. I ride at least 6 days a week and sometimes I ride more than one horse a day. With 3 horses you can pretty much find me at the barn everyday after work. So having boots that would last as expected with that amount of riding was important. I bought these boots back in October, it is currently March and they are still lasting. They have a bit of wear on the inner calf, especially on my right calf( you can see which side i’ve really needed to use LOL!). The rest of the boot has no wear and tear. I made sure to test the boots and ONLY wear them since they came and no other boot.

The detailing on the boots is lovely with a beautiful Spanish toe cap and the flattering square toe. I am a huge sucker for a square toe. Thats what I look for in a boot as I mush prefer it over round toe. The memory foam footbed makes for a comfortable ride!

Although this is a dress boot they do have a comparable field boot called the Regal Field Boot! Hope to see you rocking these in your next ride!

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Wellesley Dress Boot: https://breeches.com/collections/ladies-tall-boots/products/tuffrider-ladies-wellesley-tall-boots

Regal Field Boot: https://breeches.com/collections/ladies-tall-boots/products/tuffrider-ladies-regal-field-boots