Keeping Warm With Redingote

Wisconsin has been experiencing some crazy temps. Including negative temps and snow storms....isn’t living in cold regions great? Well that I am not so sure. I think on the daily about packing up and moving south forever. Although that’s not ideal.

jordansm (19).JPG

What is pretty cool is the snowsuit by Redingote Equestrian. It’s a full body suit that can slip over your riding clothes in between rides. Better yet your boots don’t need to come off as the back of the legs zip up to the knee! Making it simple to slip in and out of! This suit also features a “double storm flap” ensuring wind, water, snow, etc stay out of your suit! 

The suit comes in two colors a light grey and a navy. I personally have the light grey, but think both colors are very pretty. Most snow suits make me look and feel like a marshmallow, yet this one is actually flattering and fits me to a t. Which means no more shows sitting around freezing or freezing in between rides on the green beans. 

This item is a MUST in your winter wardrobe.

Until next time,