Review: Botori G2 Riding Pant

Alright fam…so you know I have been on this tight kick. I like the idea of pants that look chic yet comfortable and functional. Botori has yet again fit the bill!

I am sure you have seen them around lately as they are a quickly growing company and becoming pretty popular! So WHY do I like these? Let me explain!


My favorite thing about the G2 Riding Pant is the pockets! The pockets make it easy to have your phone on you while riding, which is super important to me when I am riding the babies alone. I also really like how easy it is to wipe dirty and dust off of them. That way before I get into my car to drive home I am at least semi clean! The hight waist and ribbed cuffs helps keep the leggings in place. Mine have never slid up in the ankles or become bunched up. I also have no issues with the waist sliding down or becoming uncomfortable. They feature a traditional suede knee patch, so no sliding around in that saddle! They are breathable, moisture wicking, and fleece lined! Making them the perfect cold weather riding pant.


These bad boys retail for $85, but you can use the code JORDAN10 bringing the price down to $76.50 plus shipping. A great price compared to some of the other riding pants on the market!

So what are you waiting for, go get a pair before they’re gone!

Until next time,