Date Night

I am sure everyone who is in a relationship understands the struggle of balancing horses and a love life. It is important to have time with you significant other just as much as it is to spend time with the horses. My husband and I have busy schedules between work, school, horses, and the blog I sometimes struggle with fitting it all in. My husband and I agreed to one date night a month whether it be to the movies or out for dinner. 

Last night our plans with our friends were cancelled so we decided since we planned on going out we should just make it a date night! We decided to try somewhere new a coworker suggested to Nico. We decided to try out a cider bar in Milwaukee. We do not live in the city, however we live about thirty minuets away from the city so we generally make the drive into Milwaukee quite often. 

We left at about 8:30 pm to go to the cider bar as we did not want to be out very late. We parked in a lot close to the bar and walked to Lost Valley Cider Co. I am super super picky on what I like, but Nico and I are both suckers for good cider. I personally opt for a fruity cider, but I had a great sangria cider and whiskey cider last night too. We sat there for about two hours and talked and laughed together. We ended up sitting in a cute little area that was closed off with two benches and a table (obviously meant for those on a date) with cute little lights on the ceiling and a candle! Having that tome together was amazing and relaxing. Once we finished our drinks and chatting we decided it was time to head home as it was about 11:00 pm. Which means its way past our bed time…ha!

Of course on the way out I couldn’t resist a cute little picture of the snow covered sidewalk and bridge on the way out. I love taking artsy shots for VSCO or instagram when out and about! Its so great to look back one those photos from the date! 

I am so glad Nico and I decided we should go on an impromptu date and try somewhere new! I highly suggest branching out and trying new places for the annual date night. You never know what you will stumble upon!

Until Next Time,