New Year New EQ

New year new me...or at least that’s what we are all aiming for right? Ok well maybe not entirely new just some improvement to our current selves!

I don’t know about you guys, but I desperately need to work on my fitness and equitation. Especially with making my debut back in the equitation ring. I want to be in tip top shape!

I recently stumbled upon The Fit Equestrian’s Equitation Boot Camp. It’s a workout program designed by riders for riders. It’s specifically meant to help improve your fitness and overall equitation.

The program consists of four days and a bonus flat exercise section. Note that the program is not meant for just a week use! It is meant for you to be able to use it consistently. You can put the 4 days back to back OR stretch them out over the week. I find for myself spacing them out is better for me! My favorite part about this program is that it is meant to be used at home or with minimal equipment BUT you can still use it at the gym if need be!

The program focuses on core, leg, upper body, cardio, and stretch! It does include exercises you can work on in the saddle to help improve fitness and equitation as well! What a great bonus! It is also recommended that if you have more than 4 days to workout that you double up on core! Nothing like a good core to help keep you balanced in the saddle!

This month starts equitation boot camp right before I jump back into the equitation rings at the rated shows. So here’s the question? Are you in or out?

If you are in head over to The Fit Equestrian and purchase the equitation boot camp to get your new year started right!

Until Next Time,