Circuit Style Review

I’m sure y’all noticed, but I’m on this crew neck craze! There’s something so easy about crew necks. Not to mention they’re warm and cozy for the winter months!

I’m loving the Circuit Style crew necks! For $35.00 that’s a steal! I currently own two. One being themed around the breed Hanoverians and one for OTTBS. Did I mention you can customize them to the breed of your horse, whether they’re bred in the USA, or imported? How COOL is that!?

circut style6.JPG

They’re also super easy to style! I’m wearing my Smartpak Piper Knee Patch breeches in Cinnamon with them. I also love wearing them with leggings and Uggs or a pair of jeans! They’re perfect for everyday wear on the street or in the saddle!

Until next time,