Winter Riding Tips To Stay Warm

It is safe to say winter is here. I will be the first to admit I am freezing already and it is only going to get worse. Staying warm is vital when it comes to getting through rides. Here are a few tips and tricks to keeping yourself warm throughout your time at the barn! 

First and foremost, keeping your hands and toes warm is one of the biggest struggles yet. I find using hand and toe warmers to be one of the biggest life savers on chilly days. When my toes and hands are warm I am much more comfortable. The warmers are cheap and easy. Stick them in your gloves or boots and they are ready to go. You can easily get them at your local store in outdoor/sports sections or amazon!

Winter breeches are amazing, but I find myself needing a second layer. Especially on the days it drops into the teens or lower. I always add a pair of long underwear or fleece leggings under my breeches. I don’t have a specific brand I like. I generally just shop around at local stores or amazon and get what’s cheap, warm, and efficient. 

Cold hands are the WORST. My riding gloves never keep my hands warm enough while I’m riding once the cold hits. As soon as my fingers go numb I start to struggle especially on baby horses. I recently got a pair of Heritage Winter Riding Gloves and am absolutely in love with them! They keep my hands nice and warm even on the cold days!

My last tip is socks..go with a pair that is warm, yet won’t make your boots too tight. I love my Foot Huggies socks! They are thick enough to keep my toes warm, yet don’t make my tall boots too tight! They are the perfect winter riding socks!

I hope you enjoy and use some of these tips this winter!

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