Living the Dream-Equestrian Style

Being an equestrian is time consuming alone. Now lets add school, work, and a spouse to the mix. Now thats recipe for some small disasters and lack of sleep Today I am here to share with you how I personally deal with it all(or attempt to!).

Let me start by saying I am truly blessed to own three horses. I know not everyone is that fortunate to even own one. Which is part of the reason I continue on this path, even on the tough days.


I work full time to support myself and my horses. I am a full time nanny.  I work a minimum of 51 hours a week, but the last two weeks have been around 55. That alone can be draining, but I love my job so I am okay with it. I know its a huge part of my schedule, but I also enjoy it. I learned to balance myself around work to make my schedule flow smoothly. 

Being a college student is tough, I will not lie and say its easy. Because…well it is not! Since I work so much I only do 3 classes a semester and I take them all at night. Usually class for me runs from 6-9pm. I get off work and head straight to school. Then sometimes I head home just to study until late to make sure I am getting my work done. Since school is a priority I try not to miss class for horse shows or lessons, but when there is no options but to miss class(ex: out of state horse show). I only go if I do not have my two absences for the semester. At my school we are allowed 2 misses a class. Which means if I opt to use them for horse show, I lose a sick day. Which means if I am going to school anyways. I also will drive back to the area from a show to class if its within two hours of school and I have enough time when I am done showing to make the drive back. It does make for a longer day, but making it to school is important to me. I learned that in order to live this lifestyle sometimes we need rot make sacrifices, and school CANNOT be one of them. So that means if I have to miss a horse show then I am missing it. During the semester I generally have a training ride on my horses each week to make sure they stay in top shape while I am in class. This semester one of my classes is online so I have yet to do that. 

When I am in class 3 nights a week I generally have school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I then try to ride Friday-Monday. Since last year I was only riding Cali and now I have to ride 3 I am still learning to balance all of it. I half leased out Cali which has helped immensely as I can focus on Boots and Cadence if need be. If things get too crazy I am not opposed to finding another half leaser for Cali. She enjoys teaching and I am happy to see her happy. AlthoughI would most likely never sell her unless it was dire. Having 3 is honestly tough while working and going to school. I can admit I find it challenging to balance it all and am currently in the midst of figuring it out. I do like to give myself enough time to spend with my hubby later on in the day when I ride so I try to plan accordingly. I also have decided I am not sure if I was use my CJ degree like I originally planned or go back for another degree once I have finished. 

Being a wife is great, but significant others also have needs and want time with you. With us both juggling work and school we definitely do not get as much time with each other as we would like. We do however try to go on monthly dates and do activities on the weekend together. Sometimes I will take a day not to ride (like this past Saturday) to not be at the barn and to spend time with my husband. Sacrificing a day riding to see my husband once in awhile is beyond worth it so we can spend time together. This weekend I am getting rides in while he goes to lunch with one of his friends, before we go out with my friends for my birthday in the evening. Which works out perfect! 


I love my life and although it can get hectic and crazy I am truly blessed. I am blessed enough to be married to the love of my life, be working towards a degree, have a good job, and own 3 wonderful horses. Sure I wish I could show more, or had more time, or more money, but I have learned to be happy with what I have and live in the moment. I have found having a great support system behind you is what helps make this all possible. I couldn’t possibly do it all without my husband or my friends or my barn family. It truly takes a village. 


Thanks for reading this semi cheesy saga!

Until Next Time,