EIS Shirts

Sunshirts are beneficial to every equestrians wardrobe. Not only for style, but also for your skin. In now day and age there are SO many brands to choose from. I am just here to share on of my favorites to let you decide whether this is one you want in your closet!

One of my all time favorites is Equi In Style AKA EIS. I love the color options and the variety they have! I personally am a fan fave of the side paneling shirts. I think they look classy yet a bit on the bolder side. Totally my side. Edgy with some class is never a bad thing! These shirts are UPF 50+ protection which means you don’t need to worry about that hot sun in the summer. If you’re like me and burn after a short amount of time in the sun you might want to consider one of these! Even if summer is a ways away you mine as well be prepared..right!?! To top it off these shirts have a flattering fit and tuck in perfect with breeches and a belt!


Well now that we have summer covered what about winter…might be an important topic to cover as its currently chilly out there! Don’t worry EIS has you covered! They also make winter shirts….SCORE! I really really love my winter shirt with its side paneling and thumb holes! It keeps me extra cozy when riding! It also has a flattering fit and stylish feel to it. Definitely a must have in winter.


Now that you’ve seen my reasons as to why I am loving these shirts its up tp you to decide whether you’d like to add them to your closet!

Until Next Time,