Fashion - Style For Less

Recently I’ve come across a an article in Heels Down Magazine that has inspired me to write this blog. It was called the “Pressure To Spend” by Katelyn Woodburn.

I loved how this article touched base into social media bringing us more in touch with what we can’t have. Which I find is very true. There seems to be a stigma circulating social media that almost makes it feel as if you need the most expensive and luxurious stuff to be the “best”. I find that absolutely false. So here I am today voicing how I deal with my personal style!

I started this blog because I wanted to share MY personal fashion and taste with you. I wanted to break the stigma that what’s on the label matters. In reality it doesn’t. Those $50 Nikes aren’t any less fashionable than those $400 Yeezys. It’s all about HOW you dress them up. Adding your personal taste to them. Don’t let anyone every tell you different!

I am here to share with you AFFORDABLE equestrian and lifestyle apparel (which why I started this blog in the first place) and will fully admit to hitting up my local TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack because who wants to miss out on good deals for good prices? Not me! I was tired of seeing only higher end brands advertised and promoted. What happened to the middle guys? Besides shopping there are so many other ways to restyle clothes you kind of lost love for. Try layering that old T-shirt with a cardigan, long necklace and some ripped jeans. You’ll be surprised with all the new creations you can come up with when you really take a second to look!

Remember it’s not all about the newest and greatest when it comes to style! It’s about HOW you style it and adding your personal taste to it! Don’t be ashamed to deal hunt, let’s face it we own horses..we need some of these deals! Go through that closet and find something old and create something new with it!

Until Next Time,