Tight Guide


First and foremost I am a breech lover at heart. I typically like my shirt tucked in with a belt. I always felt it looked clean and presentable. Recently I decided to add some variety to my wardrobe and try tights. Let me tell you they opened up a whole new ball game for me!!

They are incredibly comfortable and easy to change into. Not to mention they can double into your everyday clothes before or after riding. Headed grocery shopping or to the gym after riding? No problem pull off the long socks and put on some sneakers and you are good to go.

Now for the dirt...how WELL do they work to ride it. I am here to tell you I was pleasantly pleased. At first it was a bit of an adjustment and they felt kind of slippery, but after adjusting to them I think they’re actually decent to ride in. If you prefer a thinner fabric then tights are for you. Not to mention many brands are making tights with silicone grip.  Which makes them incredibly grippy and you don’t feel like you’re sliding!

All in all I think leggings are great pieces to have in your riding wardrobe. From wearing them to ride to wearing them on a shopping trip. They are a essential piece in every riders closet!

Until Next Time,