Cavali Club-Will You Subscribe?


Subscriptions are a huge trend now. You can subscribe to almost anything. From shoes to make up to athletic clothes you name it! Of course this trend has also hit the equestrian world. 

Today I am here to share with you one of my favorites. With all the options for boxes out there it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Do you get one with gear for you, or you well deserving pony? This time I picked BOTH and I am here to give you the low down on the Cavali Club! Let me break this down for you!

Cavali Club is a quarterly subscription box. Meaning four times a year you will be sent a box(that comes out to every three months. You have two payment options. A one year subscription for $199.80(saves $20) or every three months for $54.95. Sounds simple right?

So let’s break down what’s in the winter box...if each box costs around $55 lets see if you’re getting a bang for your buck! 

The first product I chose to unwrap is the Society Wit Nail Polish in Dark Horse(color varies). I don’t know about you, but I love keeping my nails painted and I am happy to accept any new color to add to my collection! Can’t go wrong with cute nails! This product retails for $9. 


The second product is the Sport Horse Essential Coat Spray. I am absolutely in love with Sport Horse Essentials. Their products are made from essential oils and 100% natural. I have been using this on my horses for over a year and it is amazing!! There is nothing better than a shiny pony. You’re in luck because product retails for $16.


The third product is one I am absolutely in love with. The Horse Gloss watch is one to swoon over. The beautiful leather strap and silver trim(also comes in rose gold) makes for a beautiful accessory to add to any outfit. Wear it on date night or girls night out or wear it to the office. I think this one will be packed in my ring bag for horse shows. It’ll tie together any show outfit. The watch retails for $80.


The fourth product is a lovely treat for your four legged friend. They’re so fun to look at, but also very healthy. Made with only five ingredients to ensure your four legged friend isn’t being fed added preservatives. These retail for $10


The fifth product and by far one of my favorites is the beanie by Botori. The beanie is adorable and topped with a fuzzy Pom Pom. Perfect for styling in and out of breeches! This hat retails for $22 


The sixth product (did I say six? YES SIX!) is Hunt Seat Paper CO Thank You Cards. There’s nothing better than writing your trainer or equestrian friend a thank you card with a horse on it!? What could be better! These super cute cards are sure to make your thank you’s the cutest in the thank you’s in the barn. Their retail price is $10.


Last, but not least is the candle by Grey Horse Candle Co. There is nothing better than a warm relaxing bath with some candles after a long cold day at the barn. I look forward to using this candle this winter. The retail price for the candle is $17.50.


Alright there you have a breakdown of what was all included in the winter box. Now to answer the question. Is it worth it? YES! You are paying only $55 for a box worth over $150! That’s phenomenal!! Besides getting a bang for your buck, you are getting some stellar products that you will be able to use and enjoy. I must add you can add some customizations and add ons to your box as well! Will you be subscribing to Cavali Club? I know I will be!

Until next time,