Elation Breeches - You Need Them

I think it’s safe to say I’ve tried so many brands of breeches. I always recommend the ones I really love! So far that’s been a handful of brands that I’ve tried and found to be of wonderful quality. Today I’m sharing another brand I find worthy of sharing with you guys.

Last year I stumbled upon Elation breeches from Greenhawk and ordered 2 pairs. . Much to my excitement they created a US website this year making it easier to order them without all the crazy international shipping fees! Which means I added a few more pairs to my collection. 


Elation has a variety of breeches from full seat to knee patch. I personally own the Elation Platinum Chelsea breech(4 pairs). They have a beautiful contrast patch and are compatible to R.J. Classics as well as Tailored Sportman for a fraction of the cost. They retail for $119.99. I really love the price point for the quality. 


I also own the Elation Platinum Brooklyn breech in tan. They’re the perfect breech to hit the show ring with. I love the classic knee patch and hugging fit! The are super comfortable and chic. They have sock bottoms making them easy to get on and off and no pesky velcro!


If you’re on the market for an affordable yet high quality breech, then these are for you!!! Be sure to check them out!

Until next time,


Time Management

Hey all! I am sure many of you who have been following me for quite some time have seen my journey through school. Let me give everyone a little back story to this. Originally, I started college pursuing a degree in criminal justice. In which I went part time for while working 50 + hour weeks. After almost graduating I decided that it was not for me and decided to switch into a different program I thought suited me much better and I was much more interested in. That would me marketing. I am now going to school full time however I am only working 30-hour weeks. That may not seem like a lot, however having two horses, being a full-time college student and having some accelerated classes really make me feel like there's never enough time in the day. That it is exactly why I deiced to share my tips on time management with you!


1) Having a planner that has the start of the week of Monday is helpful. For me it is easier to plan my weeks out with a start day of Monday as that’s when work and school start up. It makes planning the week and weekends much simpler.  

2) Having a planner with hour slots is a huge life saver. It makes the day to day planning easy and it lays out your days for you. Mine starts at 6:00 AM and ends at 10:30 PM which gives me the ability to plan my day out from when I wake up until I go to bed. I personally love my passion planner as it gives me weekly quotes, room for lists, and a space at the bottom for anything extra I may need. It also has a “today’s focus” for each day so you really zone in on what you need to work on.

3) Lists, lists, lists. I cannot say this enough, but lists are super helpful to lay out the tasks that need to be done. Lists for homework, chores, work, etc. I do daily, weekly, and monthly lists. There is nothing more satisfying than crossing off and finishing your lists. It also helps you not forget important tasks that need to be done. 

4) Do not overload your days. Overloading yourself will end with your crashing and burning and falling behind on the tasks you need to get done. Know your limits and know when it's time to throw in the towel. 

5 Push through your “sluggish” days. Whether it is some self-care or some coffee make sure to keep trucking even on the days you don’t feel like it. If you do cave and give in to that feeling it will leave you feeling behind and more stressed out about getting everything done. 


To all you busy equestrians – whether you are in school, working, or both, I am rooting for you! You got this and keep pushing! I hope these little tips will help you with your day to day tasks and much more!


Until next time,


Herd of Zebras - New Faves

Herd of Zebras is a brand that’s now near and dear to me. Not only do they having amazing values in what they stand for, but the owner of the company, Forest is truly an amazing individual. She has become a good friend and supporter in my life and I am forever grateful for her. This is one brand I will always stand behind and wear proudly. 

I am so excited to share two of my favorite new  products. One that is also near and dear to me. 

The new sherpa is is truly amazing. So cozy and comfortable. I love that I can wear it with my breeches or with jeans and leggings. There’s nothing like going to class in some moccasins, leggings, and a nice cozy sweater. It comes in grey and black - classic colors to match everything. The sherpa is coming soon so make sure to keep an eye on the website to snag yours!!


The next item I personally wanted to share is the breast cancer awareness tee. In October it is  breast cancer awareness month. Which means you’ll be seeing lots of these tees around. I however will be sporting mine year round. I’ve never shared or mentioned this but, my MIL has breast cancer. Which is why this shirt is near and dear to me and you’ll see me wearing it year round. A portion of the profits made from this tee will be donated to cancer research. I’m so glad to see HofZ come out with such an amazing tee to help bring awareness and support those with breast cancer. 


This company never ceases to amaze me with its amazing products and it’s amazing values. You can usually find me with some sort of Herd of Zebra apparel on daily or at the barn. I am forever a huge supporter of this brand and Forest and will proudly represent it any day.

Until next time,


Wellesley Tall Boot: Worth Every Penny

Tall boots are vital for every equestrian, but in the flooded market of tall boots it can be hard to find the right pair and for a decent price. Every brand says they are the best, right? I have many brands in my tall boot wardrobe from higher price points to lower price points. All that live up to my standard, but yet here I am sharing ones I feel deserve it.


I really like my Wellesley Tall Boot from breeches.com.I bought these boots as a test run. They were only $219 (I also had a 25% off so I got them for about $150). NOT BAD. Thats a screaming deal. One thing on my mind though was “are they going to hold up?”. The answer is yes. I ride at least 6 days a week and sometimes I ride more than one horse a day. With 3 horses you can pretty much find me at the barn everyday after work. So having boots that would last as expected with that amount of riding was important. I bought these boots back in October, it is currently March and they are still lasting. They have a bit of wear on the inner calf, especially on my right calf( you can see which side i’ve really needed to use LOL!). The rest of the boot has no wear and tear. I made sure to test the boots and ONLY wear them since they came and no other boot.

The detailing on the boots is lovely with a beautiful Spanish toe cap and the flattering square toe. I am a huge sucker for a square toe. Thats what I look for in a boot as I mush prefer it over round toe. The memory foam footbed makes for a comfortable ride!

Although this is a dress boot they do have a comparable field boot called the Regal Field Boot! Hope to see you rocking these in your next ride!

Until next time,



Wellesley Dress Boot: https://breeches.com/collections/ladies-tall-boots/products/tuffrider-ladies-wellesley-tall-boots

Regal Field Boot: https://breeches.com/collections/ladies-tall-boots/products/tuffrider-ladies-regal-field-boots

Dire Indulgence - Fall Finals Recap

Fall Finals 2019 was one to remember. To say I am proud of my horse is an understatement. If you’ve been following you know I have had Cadence since she was a foal. Each show I swear she grows up a little bit more each time. Every show we go home with stuff we need to work on. This weekend I felt some of those important pieces come together.


Friday I was worried my horse was going to come out a fresh dragon - but instead she was unimpressed. So I made extra sure by throwing her on the lounge line for a little bit. Going into the show ring wasn't that nerve racking. I’ve learning to kind of forget about the nerves and to be excited. Each round we get is a chance for a great learning experience. We moved Cadence up to the child adult this weekend which was a great decision. She was still unimpressed with the height of the fences. The first two classes went well earning us a 3rd and a 4th. However I overpackaged when I should of let go. The last few shows Cadence was so excited she wasn’t fully paying attention to me in between fences, but Friday she came with her game face ready to play. I forgot where I was going and made a very last minuet turn into a 4 stride that was a bending line in and of course my horse saved me and got me in and got me out. Not bad for a 4 year old.


Saturday was excellent. Cadence came out with her game face and ready to go. I let go and we had a blast earning a 2nd and a 4th in the classic - with a cheap rail that was rider error. Overall I was so pleased. When I let go and enjoy the ride Cadence gets me there. This horse prefers the gappy distance and now that she’s ready to listen and be serious she’s ready to take them. This weekend she didn’t have any baby moments. Friday was me and a lack of trust - Saturday I gave her my trust and she really proved herself. Going back over the videos I love seeing her reaction when she sees the distance. Its amazing how far she’s come and its promising to how far she will go.


I also appreciated the little moments with there. Studying while she tried to take my textbook, trying to nap while she tried to play with my belt, lay her head on me, or eat my hat. Every moment I get to bond and share with her is a great one. I have never been more grateful to own such a wonderful creature. She has really made my husband being gone on a work trip so much easier. I can’t wait for indoors!

Until next time,


Why I love Kavallerie

As equestrians we all know our horses comfort is top priority. If you’re like me you probably have a few different half pads on hand to help maximize your horses comfort. With growing horses it’s great to have a few options as their bodies change. 

Today on the blog I am sharing one of my favorite brands with you. The Kavallerie half pads are amazing. Their gel helps them stay in place and keep your saddle in place. Personally I use mine under my saddle pads, however you can use it over the saddle pad as well. Since it is a gel pad I find it actually helps keep my gear from slipping back during jump schools. 


So why Kavallerie? Well first off their price is unbeatable. For under $100 you can get the perfect half pad that helps absorb impact. You can also get ones with front risers or back risers if needed! Due to growing baby horses I actually have one with front risers and one with rear risers. They’re been nothing but help when it comes to fitting my horses during growth spurts.


The benefits of these half pads are almost too good to be true. They keep the saddle secure, protect against rubs and soreness, allows airflow to help avoid over heating. Not to mention they help absorb impact. If you’re jumping that’s extremely important. They’re also very easy to clean. Do not wash or dry! I take a damp cloth and wipe mine down. If they’re super nasty I use a mild soap to wipe it down with! 


With the price and all these great benefits what’s stopping you from checking out these amazing half pads?

Until next time,


Stevie Equestrian - The Best Breeches for your phone

Having a good selection of breeches is ideal for all riders. Which is why today I am sharing one of my new favorite brands! 

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that I own and ride two very young horses. One of which is 4 and the other is 5. Which means we have lots of baby moments and I’ve definitely come off my 4 year old a few more times than I’d like to admit. 

So what makes these breeches so awesome? Well first off their prices is almost unbeatable. For $95 you get breeches that are top of the line quality. They are high quality with a great price tag. Not something you find often on the breeches market! 

I wear a size 24 and find these run very true to size. They don’t feel too snug or too loose. They hug my body in all the right places and are super comfortable to ride in. Which is very important to me as I ride 5-6 days a week. If breeches aren’t comfortable I find myself wearing them less often which is a total waste of money. In the horse world every dollar counts.


The best and most innovative feature (in my opinion) on these breeches is the phone pocket. I currently have an IPhone XS Max and my phone fits perfectly in my pocket. It comes in and out of the pocket smoothly and I don’t have to worry about trying to fit it in my pocket. Which is also very important as I prefer bigger phone options. Having my phone on my is a must as a lot of time when I’m hacking I’m hacking at night after work alone. Since I’m on the babies alone I need to make sure my phone is accessible if something happens. I feel so much safer having my phone in my pocket instead of in the barn or somewhere in the ring. 


I give Stevie Equestrian an A+ for a great product with great features and a very competitive price point! Be sure to snag a pair for yourself!

Until next time,


Arena Saddles

Being in the saddle is the thing I look forward to the most during the week. Whether it be a long day or a terrible day. Knowing I get to ride and enjoy the presence of my horses gets me through it. Since I enjoy being in the saddle so much it is very important to me to have a good quality saddle under me. However being on a “college kid” budget means I will not be getting that custom saddle I want.


Recently, I have tried Arena Saddles. The price point of $1,499 USD is a very reasonable price when you’re talking about a brand new saddle out of the box. This saddle won me over with its beautiful european leather. I knew I just had to have it.

I remember being so excited when seeing my saddle was out for delivery and then pulling into my driveway after a long day of work to see it sitting on my doorstep. I was so excited, but I couldn’t get the box in the house, it was a bit too heavy for me. So I ran into the house to get Nico to do it for me. Of course, being the gentleman he is, he helped open it as well.


Riding in the saddle is like a dream. I have “given” it to Boots to be his, however I have ridden Cadence in it a few times. The thigh blocks are my absolute favorite and help keep my leg and position correct. The seat is super comfortable and is like sitting on a couch. Which to me is wonderful as I spend a lot of time in the saddle and want a comfortable saddle.


Boots and I are so happy we get to share this saddle together and of course I will continue to drool over it. Can’t wait until we get to hit the show ring with our beautiful Arena Saddle!

Until Next Time,


Equestroom Breeches - Review

Hi friends! I am back!! I know you’ve all been patiently waiting for a new post and I’m here to share!

We all know I’ve been on a breech kick (which isn’t ending anytime soon). Why you ask? I believe in finding the best riding gear that fits all types or riders. It’s important we are surrounded with quality and comfort.

My Equestroom Breeches are just that. Stylish, form fitting, and comfortable! I’m wearing the “Kim” breeches in Taupe. The perfect color for the show ring and the schooling ring.


These breeches are a silicone full seat. Ensuring I stay in the saddle on Cadence. I can always appreciate a solid full seat breech for the jumper ring. They are a bit of a comfortable snug fit. They have a high waist band with booty enhancing stitching. Which is one of my favorite perks to these breeches. Everything looks good, even your booty! Sorry boys! 


 Another amazing perk about these breeches is they retail for $106 USD for that price and this kind of quality you can’t beat it! These should definitely be added to your shopping list. Be on the lookout for these breeches in my riding posts!


Don’t miss out and get yourself a pair!

Until next time,

The Infused Equestrian - Equine Addition

Are you conscious about what you put on your body? What about your horses? Does it raise a red flag for you when their fly spray stings your skin or gets in your mouth? Have you ever stopped and looked at some of the ingredient labels on your fly spray or liniment? The ingredients on most bottles of equine products are unpronounceable…and scary sounding. Are the ingredients compliant with USEF/FEI rules? Today, I will be sharing with you some compliant, safe and natural products from The Infused Equestrian.


The Infused Equestrian offers swat. A Fly Spray  - a DEET free, natural formulation that is a summer necessity to help keep our horses comfortable while enjoying the sunshine and grass. Don’t worry – swat. A Fly Spray is safe to use on your skin as well. It’s safe for both horses and humans! “My barn and I love the fly spray from THe Infused Equestrian. We have quite a few bottles circulating!” - Horse Glam.  Launching in a new spray bottle this summer, this awesome smelling recipe contains all natural essential oils like citronella, cinnamon, peppermint, lemon, lemongrass, rosemary, myrtle, eucalyptus, and tea tree curated into a perfect defense! Your trainers might like this too while they are outside training.


Each essential oil naturally repels a different type of bug. Here is a list for your reference:

-       Citronella (mosquitoes, biting flies, no-see-ums and gnats)

-       Cinnamon (ants and wasps)

-       Peppermint (ants and mosquitoes)

-       Lemon (flies)

-       Lemongrass (mosquitoes)

-       Rosemary (flies and mosquitoes)

-       Myrtle (flies and mosquitoes)

-       Eucalyptus (all stinging and biting bugs)

-       Tea Tree (fleas, mosquitoes and biting insects)


Need help making your horse’s mane and tail look their best? Have a show? Shiny. A Mane & Tail Conditioner is a great product to keep in your grooming kit! This toxin free conditioner promotes healthy hair growth too. It’s great for any horse that likes to rub its tail. It is a proprietary blend of coconut oil, melaleuca (tea tree), melaleuca quinquenervia (another tea tree form), rosemary, cedar wood, and clove. Perfect for your show prep routine! You can even use it to shine up the body of the horse to add that little extra flash! I personally love this because Boots has a very thing tail and mane that needs to grow a bit more and this has helped him immensely with growing it out and leaving it looking nice and shiny for the show ring!!



After all that hard schooling work in the hunter/jumper ring or a terrific show flying over the jumps, your horse is most likely feeling a bit sore. Liniment is a great tool to help relieve their sore muscles and joints! Have you ever put liniment on your hands and suddenly feel a burning sensation? Why are we putting that on our horses? Comfort. A Liniment is all-natural with no burning sensations! It’s easy to use and can be applied to wet or dry legs and body. Be sure to add this to your “must have list!” Oh, and did I mention? It smells heavenly.



Last, but not least is their pure. A Bit Wipe Towelette! Our horses’ bits go directly into their mouth. As owners, we should be aware of what is in the horse’s mouth. What about those harsh chemicals in standard bit wipes? Not something I would want in my mouth, would you? Don’t fear! The Infused Equestrian has you covered! Their bit wipes are made with a durable fiber blend towelette and pure essential oils, no harsh chemicals or toxins. Simply wipe your bit down and you have a nice clean bit that isn’t toxic to your horse. They come in Cinnamon or Peppermint flavors.



So, the next time you are at the tack store or rummaging through your stuff, I challenge you to look and read the labels on your products. Think about if that were something you would feel comfortable putting on yourself. If it isn’t, it probably shouldn’t go on our horses either. Happy riding!


Until next time,


Moost Bags - Why It Is Essential To Every Equestrian

Accessories are a girl’s best friend and certainly my best friend too! Especially handbags and totes! You can never have too many.  As an equestrian, it is important to have bags that can double in the barn and on the street. Moost Bags is just that. It is one of the handiest bags I have ever owned.


Moost Bags is a mother - daughter run company based out of Charlotte, NC. These bags are easy to clean and style. There are 14 shell colors, 19 handles options (and more to come!), 17 inner bags, and fur and quilted trims to create a truly one-of-a-kind bag. To really jazz up your Moost Bag, add a handmade tat or net trim which are made by a friend outside of Milan, Italy. This is a handbag that has endless options and is customized by you!

The shell is a silicone blend that is waterproof and durable. Making it easy to clean! Caught in the rain? Have sand on it from the beach? Mud from the barn? Don’t fear, it will wipe right off! The beautiful handles are created from vegan leather and cotton cord rope, giving your bag a variety of unique looks. The handles, inner bags and trims are easy to change as everything connects to the screw in the handle. Which means changing your bag has never been easier.


The size of the bag is perfect. I personally use it as a purse, gym bag, riding and beach bag! It fits my gym clothes, swim suit, and sunscreen easily. Making it easy to go from the barn to the gym or pool. With its easy to clean shell, brining your Moost Bag to the barn is stress free. It’s a great bag to store my socks, phone, wallet, and much more in a stylish manner! The best part is any dirt that gets on it wipes right off! Finally a bag I don’t have to worry about getting dirty at the barn! I dread the dirt from the horses getting all over my stuff, since this bag wipes off easily I just carry some baby wipes on my to clean off if any dirt gets on it!

For my personal bag, I have the gray outer shell. For look 1, I use the “peachy pink inner bag”  and “ natural rope” handle. This is my go-to beach and pool bag. It gives off such a cute summer vibe! Look 2 is the “beetlejuice stripe canvas” inner shell, “shiny black rolled” handles and “aubergine” quilted trim. This look is an edgier date night, girls nights, etc look. Perfect to get all eyes on you.


Moost Bags offers a great selection of options and a quality product that is virtually indestructible. These bags are irresistible. Use code JORDAN10 for 10% off and free shipping. Which color combination will you choose!?

Boots Update!

Boots has been in my life roughly around nine months. Although we did not get off on the best start. After needing to sit for a month to put on some weight he finally got started in November. However that wasn’t a walk in the park. We battled lack of fitness, weak hind end, and much more. Now it is nine months later and Boots has really started to thrive.


It may be hard to tell in pictures, but Boots has grown a few inches and now stands at about 16.3hh Not bad for the “little man”. His personality has really started to show. He is a very happy guy who enjoys running with his buddies and lots of snuggles. He has more of a “old man” personality under saddle. You can point him at anything and he will not bat an eye, if he does happen to get nervous he is easy to soothe with a “ you are ok” and a pat.


Last month I took Boots to his first rated show on the WHJA circuit with me He was wonderful even with being very green. We had a mishap in what was both of mine and his first debry because I chickened and didn’t stick to my plan. #ithappens. Guess that is the fun in being an adult amateur.

At home Boots has been schooling 2’6-3’ and is working towards continuing to move up more. He is such a trier and I am so blessed to have him in my herd to teach and grow with. Although having two babies some days gives me a migraine they are worth their weight in gold.

Until next time,


Photography credit goes to Sarah Ayer Photography  

Wahl - Creativa Clipper

Clipping season is in full force friends. Whether it be prepping for a show or just a trim we all need a clipper that is reliable and of great quality!

Today I am here to share with you my experience with the new Wahl Creativa clipper. To say I am beyond the moon happy with it is an understatement. This clipper is a wonderful addition to your tack trunk! It’s on my “must have” list.


The Creativa cordless lithium battery operated clipper. Making it easy to bring with you to shows or just have on hand at the barn. It comes with two rechargeable lithium batteries and a charging stand. Each battery provides 75 minutes of run time and only take 50 minutes to recharge.


The Creativa is not only stylish, but also lightweight with a ergonomic design. Making it easy to work with. The stainless steel blade has a fivefold cutting length adjustment from .07mm - 3mm. Making it useful for al lengths! It also includes four guards at different lengths.

With its great shape and size it’s makes it lightweight and easy to maneuver. It is just the right angle to clip those hard to reach such as the leg pits and fetlocks! It makes clipping the bridle path, legs, and face easy and effortless. It’s just the right angle to make the perfect bridle path and get those whiskers on the face right before you show!


To complete the stylish look and feel, it comes in a cute and fashionable carry case. Complete with spaces to keep everything neatly organized and placed during transport. The Creativa retails for $179 which is competitive and affordable!


Don’t forget to be Creativa with your clipping! You will find mine packed away in my show trunk!

Until next time,


FabFitFun - Review

Hey all!  

Recently I have been seeing these ads come across my Facebook daily about this FabFitFun subscription box. I’m always quick to spoil my horses, but not myself.   After awhile I decided it was time to treat myself and I ordered the springs editor box! 


I am super impressed with my box! For $49.99 this box is well worth it’s value! FabFitFun comes with 8 full size products. You have the option to customize a set amount of items or let them surprise you!!

Below were the options for the spring box.

Option 1: DIFF Cruz Sunglasses or Private Party “Beach Please” Beach Towel or Yumi Kim Hanging Train Case. I chose the DIFF Cruz Sunglasses because I spend a lot of time outside and don’t like the sun in my eyes!

Option 2: EleVen by Venus Venus Williams Foldable Gym Bag or Ettika Opal Rose Necklace or ISH #IMSMOKINGHOT Palette. I went with the Ettika Opal Rose Necklace because I absolutely love elegant necklaces! How cute!


Option 3:dpHUE ACV Hair Masque or Murad® Renewing Eye Cream. I spent a lot of time in the sun so I went with the Murad Renewing Eye Cream.


Option 4: tarte™ lights, camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara or tarte™ Rainforest of the Sea™ drink of H2O hydrating boost. Since I already have the tarte mascara in full size and sample size I chose the H2O hydrating boost. Nothing better than a good lotion!

Option 5: AHAVA Dermud Intensive Foot Cream or this works® deep sleep™ pillow spray. The pillow spray was an obvious pick for me. I struggle to fall and stay asleep some nights, so I’m hoping this will help me!


 *Please note if you are not a select member you will only get to customize 3 items, but that’s just as awesome! Surprises are fun too!*

There are also 3 items in every box that everyone gets and are not customizable. In this box it was the Summer & Rose Celine Trinket Dish, Lavido Aromatic Body Lotion in Mandarin, Orange & Bergamot, and WAY OF WILL Strengthening Nail & Cuticle Serum. Three awesome items I can’t wait to use!

Can you dig this box? I know I sure can! As of May 1st the summer box is ready for purchase! Thinking of buying your own? Head over to FabFitFun using the link below(and in my bio) and treat yourself!!

Until Next Time,


Purchase Link:  https://t.fabfitfun.com/aff_c?offer_id=13&aff_id=27632&source=Westphaliandreamer

The Infused Equestrian - Riders Edition

Raise your hand if you love using essential oils on yourself! If you’re like me then you might be a bit obsessed with oils. They are rising in popularity and knowledge about them  which is wonderful, because they work amazing!

Recently I stumbled up a company called The Infused Equestrian. Which not only has products for your horse, but also for the rider. How amazing is that?

I have had these products going on three weeks and I am here to share with you how incredible they are. I’ve tried them all each for their specific purpose! Let’s dig in on these details.

Waking up in the morning is a struggle for me. I don’t like coffee so I’ll opt for a soda (which is all kinds of bad) to help wake me up. Now that I have the “Hello Monday” rollerball it helps wake me up. I can kiss the morning soda goodbye! Hello Monday contains rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint, nutmeg, juniper, clove, and balsam. It’s application is simple. Roll it on your wrists, behind the ears, and over the neck. Simply inhale the aroma from your wrists for 30-45 seconds to help assist you in feeling less sluggish! This oil is amazing for early mornings or a weekend slump!


Lately I’ve been working out and kicking up my intensity levels during workouts. Resulting in very sore muscles and aches. The “Recovery Oil” has been my go to rollerball after workouts. It has helped ease the tension and soothe aches from my tough workouts. This rollerball contains coconut oil, wintergreen, peppermint, clove, and helichrysum. Simply roll on the areas that are sore and achy to help ease your pains and aches!


Struggle with nerves? Whether it’s before horse shows, public speaking, a big exam, you name it! This rollerball is for you. I’ve used this one to help me focus before rides, studying, and to help me before tests! You’ll find it in my ringside bag at my next show! The In Gate is an amazing oil to help you ground you and give you focus. It contains rosewood, spruce, frankincense and blue tansy.. Application is simple, just roll it on the wrists, back of neck, and under earlobes. This oil you can also inhale by smelling your wrists for 30-45 seconds. Now you’re ready for to school that tough course or enter the show ring.


Ever experience a stomach ache after eating or motion sickness? This oil helped me immensely on my long drive from Wisconsin to Virginia as I tend to get nauseous in the car, especially going through the mountains. O.M.G(Oh My Girth) is made specifically for an upset stomach and nausea. Roll on the oil starting from the bottom of your rib cage to your pelvic bone in a circular motion and breathe. Within 20 minutes you will be starting to feel much better!


These rollerballs for the rider sound great right? They retail for $25 per rollerball. Please note these are for the rider and The Infused Equestrian is currently working on coming up with some for your four legged friend! Until then, make sure you only use these on yourself and don’t be tempted to try it in your horse! They are best used within 6 months. Enjoy!

Until next time,


Essential Oils - Legal or Illegal?

Calling all fellow essential oil lovers! I know how much we all love using essential oils and natural products on ourselves and our 4-legged friends. It is wonderful to get away from using harsh chemicals on ourselves and our horses, but are you aware of what is in your horse’s products? Did you know USEF does have some herbal and natural products on the prohibited substance list? Including some that are frequently used in our horses natural products. Which means after reading this you may want to double check your labels.

Below is the prohibited herbal and natural substances. Please make sure you check your labels for ANY of the listed substances below!

  • Valerian

  • Kava Kava

  • Passion Flower

  • Skullcap

  • Chamomile

  • Vervain

  • Leopards Bane

  • Nightshade

  • Capsaicin

  • Comfrey

  • Devils Claw

  • Hops

  • Laurel


  • Red Poppy

  • Rauwolfia

  • Winter Green is not banned HOWEVER is turns into Aspirin WHICH IS banned meaning you should stay away from it

  • Peppermint IS NOT on the prohibited substance list anymore and is safe to use

Lavender is one that greatly sticks out to me. I see it in so many products and oil blends that many people use on themselves and their horses. If you are using any sort of calming or “stress away” oil blends please refrain from using them on your equine friends. They contain lavender and/or chamomile which are prohibited. Wherever you are buying your oils, oil blends or products from please be sure to triple check there are no prohibited substances in them. If you use any sort of oils, oil blends, and products on yourself be sure you checked what is in it before choosing to use it on your horse. Essential oils are a wonderful thing, however we must be sure we are complying with USEF rules!

Until Next Time,


Cadence and Incrediwear

Taking top care before and after hard schools is always a priority for me. Cadence is a young horse so it Is very important to make sure she’s constantly getting the right after workout care. Which means I am always on the hunt for new useful products to aid in her aftercare.


Recently, I came across a brand called Incrediwear and I am never going back. Their products are innovative and easy to incorporate into Cadence’s daily routine. Having products that’s are easy to use at the barn are an A+ for me. I do not have access to a fridge or heated water like needed for some therapies. So these products provide an easy and effortless after care for me. I personally opt for the circulation hoof socks and polo wraps.

Let me give you a break down on this wonderful company. These products are meant to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage where they are applied. The fibers are embedded Geranium and Carbon. In short terms this means that once the fabric touches the skin it activates body heat releasing negative ions and vibrating cells. Cool right!?


What is even cooler is that these products can also be wetted with cold water causing them to act as ice boots. Although they do not HAVE to be wetted in order to work. Currently in Wisconsin it has not been warm enough to do so, so I will be testing that once it warms up! However the products have helped Cadence tremendously post workout without evening being wet. So I am not too worried about it!

Incrediwear is for more than just post work out though! It helps aid with other lameness and diseases! Heres a short list for you: stocking up, green osselots, laminitis, navicular, suspensory and tendon injuries, and so much more!

Don’t these sound like something you need in your trunk? They make five products, so many many options for your horse’s needs!

Items: Circulation Hoof Socks, Circulation Polo Wraps, Circulation Standing Wraps, Circulation Neck Sleeve, Calming Saddle Pad.

Until next time,


Little Foxes Recap - Boots and Cadence

Another Little Foxes show is in the books. This is defiently my favorite local venue! It was a fantastic run show with wonderful people!

This time I decided to take Cadence and Boots while my half leaser took Cali! Cali was wonderful with her half leaser and I couldn't be prouder.


Cadence started out wild in warm up, bucking and being very forward. Eventually she settled herself and had a lovely jump school. She did get a bit hoppy on the turns, but with some leg and driving her forward she got through it. During the show we started her in the 2’3 divisions and she got her first blue ribbon her first round. She was a bit all over the place, but to be expected with a young green horse. Her second round went a little better, but sadly during the jump off I had a cheap rail placing us in 2nd. She did earn a Reserve Champion in the 2’3 division making me proud. The 2’6 did not go as smoothly. She started getting fussy and being naughty. The first 2’6 she stopped at the first fence, but went over it the 2nd time. The next class she stopped 3 time and started bucking. She threw one so big she literally threw a handstand (thanks Cadence). The classic did not go much better. The first round of the classic went well and she made it through the tough s turns and roll backs. During the jump off she did not listen when I asked her to back off to a jump and ended up tripping over the jump resulting in my reins going to her ears and her running away. I did however get my reins back and finish the jump off although I was scared out of my mind. Theres nothing like losing your reins and control to make you feel scared. Although her rounds weren’t perfect I am proud of her for trying her best. Some days we are going to have baby days regardless of if we are at home or a show and that’s ok. There will always be more shows and more to rides to do.


Boots on the other hand was phenomenal. I could tell he was a bit nervous, but he tried his heart out and kept it together. Little nugget got a 3rd in the equitation (or I guess me). 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the limit division. He did not place in two classes keeping him out of chances for a reserve or champion ribbon, but thats ok. I am just so proud of him for doing his best. Boot did also get a 4th in the Hunter Classic. We do have lots to work on like being straighter down the lines and I need to remember not to ride the corners like a jumper. Those are all things that will come with time and lots of patience and practice. This was my first time in the hunter ring on an actual hunter in a long time. Cadence does not really count lol! Like I said I am so proud of Boots and how far he has come. He really tried his little heart out for me this weekend!


This was my first time bringing my green horses only and although I did have two challenging rides I am glad I got the experience and learned a lot from it. Riding young horses isn’t always rainbows and roses and their bad days don’t reflect on me as a rider What reflect on me as a rider is how I handle it. Do you get mad or just let it roll of your back? Getting mad won’t change the age or their experience. The best thing is to ride it out and continue teaching them. Like my trainer always says “ one you’ll wake up and it will all click”.

Until Next Time,


Box 4 Equestrian - A New Creative Box


Alright guys another new box geared toward equestrians has hit the market! So I wanted to chat about it with you all. This box isn’t your typical box. It is NOT a subscription box. Meaning it is a one time buy. There a no subscriptions and it gives you the ability to order more than one! It is also NOT seasonal. Meaning the boxes are available all year round.


While they will have items to coordinate with the current seasons they will not carry seasonal boxes. B4E also allows you to pick the items in your box. Meaning you get to pick a box where the items suit your needs. Want a box all for you? Great! Want one all for your horse(s)!? Even better! You will have the choice of picking between 2-8 items that will come in your box. The price of you box will be based on the amount of items you pick and what items you pick. Don’t worry, all items are well below retail value!  Please note that this concept takes effect shortly. It is currently in the works.


Right now B4E has a curated box with items in it ready for purchase. This box will be availabe until the new concept starts. I personally love this box as it did come with some amazing items! The box came with Oh + August cleanser or moisturizer. Who can resist good skin care products? Not me!


The next item in the box is a super cute pair of Dreamers N Schemers socks! I am a huge fan of Dreamers N Schemers and have way too many of their socks, but the more the merrier! Although I got the unicorn socks styles vary!


Next up is the Hart Outfitters braided belt and headbands. I LOVE these braided belts. They are stretchy and fit fantastic to any body as they greatly adjustable. No more hole punching lol! The headbands are perfect for a lazy day or a trip to the gym!


The Heavenly Hoof Treats are just so adorable. Are you sure we can’t eat them? ;) My horses will be fighting over who gets to eat them!


I am stoked for the Equestrian Wellness helmet spray. It is made with essential oils and smells absolutely amazing. It is sure to leave your helmet smelling fresh and clean.


Every box also comes with a few stickers to add to your sticker collection! I personally love to stick mine on my water bottles.


If you’re interested in getting the curated box click here to purchase! Make sure to use the code JORDAN10 for any purchases from B4E!

Until next time,


Livy Rose Tote Bag

Equestrian Inspired accessories will always have a special place in my heart. I love being able to incorporate horses into my everyday wear and take them with me where I go! Recently I found the cutest tote bag. Perfect for carrying my notebooks or school books with me everywhere! 


The Livy Rose “Equestrian Crest” totes are super cute! I love the deep blue color that is accented with the yellow logo. This bag is perfect if you are constantly on the go. Big enough to fit books and a laptop in, yet small enough to comfortably carry with you everywhere. The inside is lined with a cute pattern and has an interior pocket to help keep your bag organized. 


The retail price on this adorable tote bag is $85.00. Which is a bit on the higher end, yet worth it, This bag is durable and functional and perfect for all equestrians! Be sure to scoop yours up today. You can use code WESTDREAM15 for 15% off your order!

Until Next Time,


The Wedding Dress Deets!

Weddings are always an exciting event to attend. From the elegant decorations and the stunning dresses it is such a wonderful experience. For me this wedding is a little different. I actually got married last February to my husband and we just did a small ceremony with immediate family. We just didn’t have the time to plan a wedding with me in school and working full time. We are still on a mission to make this wedding as special as any other. 

We decided to to write our vows for this ceremony with all our friends and family. We are also following a very rustic theme. I have also been blessed to be able to create a one of a kind wedding dress with Sondra Falk Couture. Words cannot describe how excited I am.

Last July we drew up a beautiful design of what I THOUGHT I wanted. This recent trip to Virginia last week  ended up with me figuring out that it wasn’t for me. I was not in love with a fitted look. I tried it on and I just didn’t fall in love. So I spent a lot of time trying on different dresses and fell in love with a beautiful gold full skirt dress. However as much as I want the gold it won’t match my theme. 

We came up with a way to incorporate the gold. For my rehearsal I will have a gold mini dress created with Italian Mylar Lurex Lace on the bodice. That way I can still have some gold incorporated into my dress!


Now for the exciting part…the dress! Like I mentioned above I fell in love with a beautiful full skirt design. The dress will have a beautiful vneck in the front and the back with thick shoulder straps. The full skirt will be a bit on the poofy side with French Beaded Aleeon lace on the lace and abdomen. I will how ever have the dress in an ivory color. 


Now I do have more to share with you guys, but I will let anticipation build and share more when I head down to Virginia next month.

Until next time,


Dover Wishlist

Spring is right around the corner. Well at least according to Dover. I received the Early Spring 2019 catalog, as I am sure many of you did as well. I decided to take the time and make a “wishlist” of some of my favorite/best items for Spring. From show to schooling apparel I got you fam!

The first item on my list is the Tredstep Solo Vision Coat for $399.95. The perfect lightweight coat with a hidden zipper snap buttons. It had a beautiful contrast collar that comes in a variety of colors. The colors available through Dover are charcoal/burgundy, black/navy, burgundy/charcoal, and navy/burgundy. A must have for the show ring.

Breeches are some of my favorite things. Spring leaves so many options for bold colors as well as classic colors. The first pair of breeches on my list is the Tailored Sportsman Vintage Patch Low Rise Breech. A timeless classic. You can never go wrong with a good pair of Tailored Sportsman. Dover stocks seven different colors of the vintage patch. All of which could be incorporated into a beautiful spring outfit. These run $189.95 per breech. The next pair of breeches on the list is the RJ Classics Gulf Low Rise Breech. Another breech with vintage patches, but for a cheaper price point then Tailored Sportsman at $154.00. The also have sock bottoms and are a tad stretchier and lighter weight than Tailored Sportsman. These are truly one of my favorites. Dover carries five color options in the Gulf Breech. All a bit on the earthy tone side. Again perfect colors to incorporate into your spring wardrobe. 

Shirts are another staple piece in your spring wardrobe. The Early Spring catalog featured a lot of items by Ariat so I decided to pick my top three. The Ariat Team Sunstopper 1/$ Zip is super stylish with its blue, red, and white themed. It shields you from the sun’s rays and wicks away moisture from the skin to keep you cool. The Sunstopper retails for $54.95 which is competitive with other brands. The next item on the wishlist is the Ariat Team Polo. Theres no denying a classic polo is a great item to have in any wardrobe. Timeless and stylish. The polo retails for $44.95 and comes in navy. The last shirt on the list is the Ariat Sunstopper Shirt 1/4 zip shirt. Which comes in two classic colors; white and navy. Easy colors to pair with something brighter (ie: a mint belt) yet still have a subtle look.

Accessories are always the way to complete every look, whether it be a bright belt or cute pair of socks. I am loving the Ovation Zocks that come in a variety of fun patterns. For only $9.95 these should be one of the top picks on your list. The Baker Classic Plaid belt is one o my all time favorites. I just love the plaid look! For only $39.95 it is competitively priced. The last time on my wish list is a C4 belt whether classic or printed both belts offer a cute way to spice up your outfit. Prices vary from $29.95 to $34.95 depending on the belt. 

I hope my wis list can inspire yours or help complete yours! Be on the lookout for some awesome spring outfits coming your way soon!

Until Next Time,


Review: Botori G2 Riding Pant

Alright fam…so you know I have been on this tight kick. I like the idea of pants that look chic yet comfortable and functional. Botori has yet again fit the bill!

I am sure you have seen them around lately as they are a quickly growing company and becoming pretty popular! So WHY do I like these? Let me explain!


My favorite thing about the G2 Riding Pant is the pockets! The pockets make it easy to have your phone on you while riding, which is super important to me when I am riding the babies alone. I also really like how easy it is to wipe dirty and dust off of them. That way before I get into my car to drive home I am at least semi clean! The hight waist and ribbed cuffs helps keep the leggings in place. Mine have never slid up in the ankles or become bunched up. I also have no issues with the waist sliding down or becoming uncomfortable. They feature a traditional suede knee patch, so no sliding around in that saddle! They are breathable, moisture wicking, and fleece lined! Making them the perfect cold weather riding pant.


These bad boys retail for $85, but you can use the code JORDAN10 bringing the price down to $76.50 plus shipping. A great price compared to some of the other riding pants on the market!

So what are you waiting for, go get a pair before they’re gone!

Until next time,


Student Promgrams

Let’s face it being a college student is rough. Cost of tuition is high and not everyone has a high paying job. Then to top it off some of us have horses...a bittersweet thing when the bill start stacking up! Wouldn’t saving a few extra pennies here and there help make a small difference!? You bet! Today I am sharing with you some awesome student discounts and programs that’ll help save you some extra cash!

Amazon Prime has a fantastic student discount! Prime is only $50 a year and a 6 month free trial. Yes, you read that right..6 months!!! How great is that!? That means that book you need or that water bottle you want can ship free to you in two days! Perfect!


Spotify also has a generous student discount. You can get Spotify for $4.99 PLUS Hulu for free. I am team Hulu so you can bet I am currently signed up for this program. It definitely saves me a few extra bucks a month with a student discount on music and roughly $12 a month by not having to pay for Hulu!


Apple also has another good deal for college students. You can subscribe to Apple Music for $4.99. Giving you access to as many songs as your heart desires! The regular subscription price is $9.99.


Another great college student perk is the app called UNiDAYS it gives you discounts to hundreds of stores from 10% and up! It’s amazing for when you need back to school clothes or a new back pack! I’m always using that app when I need something new!


Also be sure to check your local business and also museums. Many of them will give student discounts if you show your school ID! Why not go on a new adventure if you can get a discount!

Be sure to check out all these amazing student discounts and subscribe to save some extra cash! Hope this helps!

Until next time,